RevoMax Insulated Bottle

Gearflogger reviews the RevoMax Insulated Bottle

As much as it pains me to admit this, sometimes we receive a piece of gear and, after taking it apart, can't figure out how to put it back together again. Call it the Humpty Dumbshit effect, if you will (you won't).

Such was the case with the RevoMax insulated bottle. It has a very clever lid assembly that is not, at first glance, obvious in its operation. Had we just taken ten seconds to RTFM it would have been obvious that you have to push the center button and pinch the side buttons simultaneously, then it pops right open. See, now you know. Once we had that little item figured out the RevoMax quickly became our favorite vacuum bottle.

The lid is the main thing that makes it so handy. Single-handy, if you will (you still won't). It's easy to operate with just one hand thanks to its threadless design, and as a bonus the lid creates a double seal when closed that makes it absolutely leak-proof. It really is that clever, and very fast to actuate after using it a few times.

The bottle itself is just as thoughtfully designed, with a copper coating to reflect heat inside, a grippy but comfortable powder coated exterior and BPA free silicone seal. They even include an extra seal and a silicone funnel, useful for sipping hot liquids or filling the container with ice.

Our quick and dirty tests from a hot water tap indicate that the Revomax performs at least as well, and in some cases better, than equivalent vacuum bottles on the market. The seal is superior to most both in reliability and ease of use, and the price point is at least competitive and in many cases less expensive. Cleaning it takes a few extra steps because of the modular nature of the cap, but even that is relatively painless after a little practice. It really is a slam-dunk of a design.

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