REI Acme pants

Acme_pantAh, Schoeller! Finally, something worth forgiving the Swiss over all that looted WW2 art. The REI men’s Acme pants are a great use of the modern miracle material, lightweight at just over a pound and equally suitable for serious backcountry abuse and casual lifestyle and travel use.

The tough Schoeller Dryskin shrugs off abrasion and weather and is a tad warmer and only slightly less breathable than Schoeller Dynamic, which is found in REI’s Mistral products for more aerobic applications and hotter, more humid conditions.

The leg zippers are long enough to fit any shoe and most boots, while a zip fly and snap closure make answering nature’s call less of a hassle. One really nice touch is the aviator-style thigh pocket, easily accessed when sitting down. Rounding out the thoughtful design are the velcro leg closures and double stitching, not to mention the reasonable price point.

$149.00 at REI


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