REI Windy Peak snowsuit

WindypeakKids. Nature’s way of turning perfectly good food into toxic diaper stuffing. Gotta love ’em though, future mountaineers that they are. Good gear is even more important for kids because they can’t always tell you what’s up. If you want to ditch the anxiety so you can concentrate on enjoying your time out with the WeeFlogger, REI comes through with the nifty Windy Peak snowsuit.

It’s warm and highly weather resistant with a midweight fleece lining and nylon shell. The lining is in the permanent hood too, which as a bonus fits close to their little heads to minimize the frantic tearing motion they make when their vision is obscured. They really hate that, you know. The cuffs all seal with velcro.

My two-year old son loves his, and will happily play outside in single-digit temps with some warm boots and mittens. He’s warm when I take him out of it after an hour or three, so I know he’s OK. Double bonus round: the suit has extra length in the arms and legs that is designed to be let out by removing the stitches when they grow. Haven’t tried that yet, but anything that extends the life of kid-wear gets a thumbs-up from me.

$69.50 at REI




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