REI Venturi Quarter-Zip shirt

GearFlogger reviews the REI Venturi Quarter-Zip shirt

It's a blissful experience when you find that piece of clothing that never seems to make it to the washing machine because you're always wearing it. After a few weeks in the same shirt, some may say I smell like ass. But really, how do they know? Are they some kind of crackasaurus, always sticking their nose where it doesn't belong? Yeah.

These days I choose to live in my REI Venturi Quarter-Zip shirt. It was an impulse purchase during their last sale, and what a find. The Venturi is built from a polyester/spandex blend that is butter soft and wicks like a demon. The material is stretchy when it needs to be, but always snaps back into a perfect t-shirt style fit. All seams are flat sewn, the material is UPF 50, and so far it's been tough as nails.

Really the shirt feels like an ultralight soft shell. The design is smarter than your honor student, with small mesh panels at the pits and the back of the neck that let the ass out. The collar has the same mesh tricot on the inside, and though there is no zipper garage I never had a problem with neck nipping. Even the shoulder seams are moved forward so they don't ride directly under your pack straps. The Venturi never ceases to look good, even if the occupant can't keep up. Highly recommended as a perfect summer shirt for all pursuits, from trail to tavern.

$49.50 at REI




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