REI Stowable jacket

Stowable The SheFlogger is pleased. Recently a strange mental illness overtook her and she chose – of her own "free" will – to participate in a sprint triathlon. Her first question: what to wear? At the top of the list was a lightweight shell, and REI really came through with the women's Stowable jacket, also available for men.

The wind and water resistant Stowable is a nifty little design, and by little we're talking under 4oz! It stuffs into either one of its two rear cycling-style zipper pockets, although you can't zip the pocket shut around it when stuffed. The right pocket is slightly smaller than the left, but both are at least sunglass-case sized. The front zipper is set to the side just a bit, so if you're layering it won't stack against the inner zipper.

Breathability is fairly good. There is reflective piping and soft elastic cuffs that won't scratch even while running. Not much more to say, really: for a very attractive price you get a very attractive jacket that is well thought out and disappears into your pack or onto your back. GearFlogger gives the stowable a get-out-of-the-doghouse gift rating of five out of five.

$54.00 at REI


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