REI Snoqualmie cap in eVent

SnoqualmieNo joke, there I was, knee deep in hand grenade pins and lookin' for wabbits. OK, that's not true, but what is true is that you can now get your Elmer-Fudd-in-the-Afrika-Korps thing on with the REI Snoqualmie cap in eVent.

If you're looking for an alternative to the ubiquitous Sherpa cap for keeping your brain housing group from getting wet and cold, the Snoqualmie has you… covered. The eVent shell is weatherproof and as a bonus breathes like a overweight harrier chasing down dinner.

Warmth is guaranteed by generous helpings of PrimaLoft Sport everywhere but the brim, and the microfleece lining is rabbit-fur-soft. The earflaps snap up to stow away, but there's nothing keeping them down if you're facing into a stiff wind. A keeper cord would help, as well as secure your haberdashery whilst you're cuttin' up the slopes. Awesome gift for hunters, dads and retro-hipsters.

$39.50 at REI




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