Ray-Ban Wayfarer Folding Classic Sunglasses

Ray-Ban has certainly earned its place as an iconic American brand with their Aviator and Wayfarer sunglasses. Founded in 1937 by Bausch and Lomb, since 1999 they have been owned by Italian company Luxottica, home to many other instantly recognizable eyewear brands such as Costa and Oakley.

Although the metal Aviator of Douglas Macarthur fame has been present from the start, the Wayfarer has been around since 1956, and that qualifies as a classic by any measure. Both models hit the silver screen in the 60s and have never looked back – or bad, on anyone really.

The folding Wayfarer is a more recent invention, and differs in some important respects from the original. They have a tighter fit, less of a rakish angle and oh yeah – they fold! Although they don’t exactly get model-thin, at an inch thick when folded they are easy to stow in a backpack or carry-on. To put it in perspective, they take up about half the width and half the length of a normal sunglasses case.

The folding mechanism is very sturdy, and when they’re on you wouldn’t know either by wearing them or looking at them that they are a folding model. The polarized model has good optical quality, and the coverage is sufficient for sport and even snow use. They come with a stylish small soft case with a magnetic closure and a microfiber cleaning cloth. If you’re looking for a timelessly stylish design that travels with aplomb, check out the folding Wayfarers and never look back – or bad.

$114.10 (on sale from $163.00) at Ray-Ban




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