PuroQuiet Kid’s Noise Cancelling Headphones

Gearflogger reviews the PuroQuiet kids noise cancelling headphonesPuro has a solution to a problem that is all in our kids heads. OK, technically the problem is on their heads, in the form of omnipresent headphones that crank out ridiculous levels of sound. Anything over 85 decibels can cause noise-induced hearing loss with prolonged exposure, say the kind you might get from listening to music on a smart phone that can easily crank out that level of sound, every day on the way to school. And back again.

Puro's founder, Dave Russell, had to deal with NIHL from excessive headphone use and volume with his youngest daughter, and the solution he developed is a sweet set of volume-limiting (to 85dB) headphones designed just for kids. The PuroQuiet bluetooth headphones offer active noise cancelling as well, in an over-the-ear design that kids will love enough that you won't have to badger them to use it.

The PuroQuiet headphones charge via micro-USB and are an attractive package, available in a cool blue and hot pink/white design, and with left and right ears clearly marked with large letters inside the ear pads. The pads and headband themselves are supremely comfy, even when worn on-the-ear style by an adult with an average size head.

Speaking of adults, we found ourselves stealing these headphones just for convenience. The ease of wireless and the very good sound quality, as well as the ability to hit the noise cancelling switch to tune out ambient noise, all combine to make the PuroQuiet popular with the whole family. When it's time to hit the road, the aluminum construction and included hard case and fold-flat ear pads ensure that the PuroQuiet travels well. There's even an included headphone cable if that's your thing. Overall it's hard to beat the PuroQuiet, and the value for the price is as crystal clear as the sound.

$99.99 at Amazon


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