Primus EtaPower Pots

EtapowerWe always thought Primus was the only band ever to get its own ID3 genre tag. Yeah, they're that strange. Turns out there's another Primus in town covering the not-so-heavy metal scene. They're primarily into aluminum, with a titanium coating.

Primus the gear company is known for its stoves and cookware. We tested the EtaPower aluminum pots with titanium nonstick coating. They have a flux ring around the bottom to transfer heat more efficiently to the pot, speeding up boiling times and distributing heat more evenly through the pot contents. Sounds great; does it work?

Kind of. The pots boil marginally faster than other aluminum models. They do seem to distribute heat more evenly, important for non-water contents like soup. They're definitely tough thanks to the coating and solid build. They weigh a bit more than advertised: 9.4oz for the 2.1L pot, plus another 3.5oz for the lid and 1.6oz for the sturdy little pot grabber. That's a total of 14.5oz for the 2.1L, 12.6oz for the 1.7L. All in all it's a solid if weighty package, but you're paying a premium for only marginally better performance, and you're not even getting a fry pan lid.

$50.00 at REI




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