PopSockets Smartphone Grips

Gearflogger reviews PopSockets cell phone grips

It pains me somewhat to write this. I'll admit, I've made more than my share of fun at the expense of people blinging out their phones with questionable cases and accessories. So let me eat a little crow.

The PopSocket is everywhere seemingly. I finally got one to try and having done so, I humbly join the herd. I have it on a silicone case, and it's useful for one-handed gripping to take pictures, and as a stand to watch content.

But what really sold me was a simple accessory, the PopSocket mount. I stuck it on my Jeep console and it functions as a nice mount for a phone with the PopSocket grip collapsed; like Whitesnake sings, just slide it in. I'm pretty sure they were talking about smartphone mounts…

It's a lot less expensive than some other mounting solutions, and seems to work just as well. Our biggest concern was the added bulk to the phone case, but we really haven't noticed it day in and day out of pocket. So yeah, we're sheeple now, but hey, at least the up-front investment was low!

PopSocket $6.82 at Amazon
PopSocket Mount $9.89 at Amazon


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