Point6 Wool Socks

Point6I generally prefer synthetics to wool for bodywear, but I am a zealot about wool socks to swaddle my dogs. The critical difference is that feet sweat, and cold weather boots generally don't breathe well enough to keep up with the wicking process. That means your socks will get wet, and the beauty of wool is that it retains a lot of insulating value when wet.

Point6 is a new company out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and they are passionate about wool socks. But I don't care about any of that. What I care about is getting a quality product for a reasonable price. And if you've ever gotten sticker shock buying three pairs of wool socks at a retail store, you'll appreciate the Point6 online-only sales model that delivers their socks significantly below bricks-and-mortar prices.

But what about quality? After a month of hard wear and excessive washing I can vouch for their durability. I wear slides a lot, and some of my socks cry uncle from all the chafing at the heel. No sign of wear in the Point6 socks, and no shrinkage in the wash. Plus the company is all eco-minded, blah-blah-blah. They've got quite the lineup; do your feet and your wallet a favor and check them out.

Various prices at Point6



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