PMI 7mm Cordelette with Lumi-Line

LumilinePMI makes all the bondage cords for the professional B&D circuit. Their cords have been rated Best in Bondage three years running by the Netherlands Sex Fraternal Workers union, better known by their acronym, NSFW. If you ever get an email marked NSFW, now you know where it originated.

We climbers, parasites that we are, benefit from B&D technology with products like the seven-ounce PMI 7mm cordelette with Lumi-Line. It's a a standard pre-packaged 21ft/7m lenght of 7mm nylon cordelette with one twist: glow-in-the-dark fibers that add extra fun in the bedroom or the backcountry. Remember: safety first!

If you're still using webbing or runners to set up anchors, do yourself a favor and learn the equalette by reading Climbing Anchors: Second Edition by John Long and Bob Gaines. For extra credit pick up Rock Climbing Anchors by Craig Luebben. Some people prefer Spectra/Dyneema over nylon for lighter weight, less bulk, less water retention, UV resistance and higher strength. I think it's safe to say that nylon has the overall advantage because it still plenty strong enough, light enough, doesn't lose strength after knotting, doesn't slip as easily and it adds some stretch to the system to reduce shock-loading on that shaky pro you just placed. And it's cheaper.

$14.90 at REI



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