Planet Bike Flipper rear fender

FlipperEverybody hates a skid mark. Well, almost everybody. I had this roommate in college, right? But he was a pig. Anyway, if your idea of a blissful day is squirting down muddy singletrack as fast as you can before the inevitable head plant, you'll appreciate Planet Bike having your back with the Flipper fender.

I've never been able to make those single adjustment point models work for me, and I also don't like the ones that are really narrow towards the seat post. The flipper has two adjustment points so it'll get right down where you want it, and it's plenty fat with a deep side-to-side concavity for maximum coverage.

The best part is the tool-free installation. Just adjust the camming buckle thingie, snap it on and you're good to go. OK, maybe that's not the absolute best part: that would be the reasonable price for an item that by design is at high risk of getting replaced if you're riding as hard as you should be. I use it with my Novara Expanding Wedge seat bag, which has a strap that I can loop around the Flipper to keep it attached should it spontaneously seek its freedom on the trail

$16.00 at REI



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