Planet Bike Dial tire gauge

GearFlogger reviews the Planet Bike tire gauge Stick this in your ear, genius. The Plant Bike dial tire gauge is one of those insanely useful little devices that at $15 is a no-brainer: just pick one up. You'll end up using it for all things inflatable: cue the imaginary playmate.

The gauge has a chrome tippy thing that fits over Presta valves, like on your bike. Just unscrew it and it works with Schraders, like on your car. I keep in my car's glove box since if I'm biking, I'm usually starting from my garage where my car is anyway and if I'm not I probably drove to the trailhead. It's handy these days since many gas stations don't have a pressure gauge on their air hoses.

Easily readable it measures up to 140psi or 10 wimpy European kg/cm2. The angled valve is just right to get a good reading, and even better the reading sticks until you press a little button. Pretty tough too. I like it a lot more than the fussy gauge built into my various pumps. Note to yourself: there's a little rubber thingy in the chrome housing that fits over the valve stem. It will fall out if you don't pay attention when removing it, so word to the wise.

$15.00 at REI



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