Petzl Ultra Light pulley

UltralightGram-counting weenies like myself just expect to pay more for less when it comes to ultralight gear. Petzl shows us a little love with this nifty .35oz. pulley for only four Washingtons.

Truly minimalist in design the pulley requires a ‘biner with an oval cross-section to operate smoothly. It’s not prussik-minding of course, but that’s not a concern for two of the three pulleys in a ZxC haul system, for example.

I use the SMC CR pulley for the prussik-minding anchor; for comparison it weighs 2.2oz. (thanks Zach you weiner for pointing this out), so two of these instead of two Petzls adds about an extra 1/4lb. to your pack. You do have to use the heavier oval ‘biners but we’re still talking more than a quarter-pounder saved.

$4.00 at REI


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  1. The SMC CR pulley weigh 2.25oz, so the difference for two of them compared to two petzl ultra lights is 1/4lb not 3/4.

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