Petzl Expert Advice for Ski Mountaineering

Gearflogger recommends Petzl ski mountaineering expert advicePetzl makes an uncommon effort to provide free, high-quality educational advice on all aspects of climbing. If you haven't subscribed to their e-newsletter, get it done. Their latest edition focuses on ski mountaineering in particular. Since ski mountaineering pulls together such a wide array of climbing gear and techniques, it's a great primer on a lot of different topics.

First up, What's in Tony Lamiche's Pack? looks at 35 items included in a professional ski mountaineer's loadout. He provides a glimpse into his rationale for some of the choices, and as gearheads we all like to compare out stuff with other people's stuff, so go nuts.

Next up are a pair of videos: adjusting your crampons, featuring the interestingly unusual Petzl Leopard and Irvis models, and switching from skis to crampons on a slope. Who carries the rope in a group of skiers is a quick review of gear apportionment in a group in three specific situations, while ice axe usage for skiing is an equally brief treatment of that topic.

Finally, Skiing Around Mount Aspiring is a cool story with lots of inspiring pictures of a group of three guys attempting to traverse the biggest mountain range in New Zealand, the Southern Alps.




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