Petzl Access Books

Gearflogger reviews Petzl Access BooksPetzl does a really fantastic job of getting basic technical and safety information out there, and for free to boot. If you're going stir-crazy in quarantine it's a great time to build your knowledge base or just review the basics. If you're looking for content to share with your adventure-minded kids that you are now the proud teacher of – joy! fun! – Petzl can help you out. Their ebooks, posters and online tips can form the basis for a quick and easy outdoor studies curriculum at home.

On the Tech Tips section of their website you can browse advice by activity, by product or our favorite, by technical news. The last section contains info on topics like how to inspect your helmet, what CE markings mean and how to perform co-worker rescue, among many other items. The downloads page has a link to Access Books that detail techniques for various activities with extremely clear illustrations.

These are trying times, but Petzl's free info can help you come out of it more prepared to get after it.




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