Perfect Foods Bar

GearFlogger reviews the Perfect Foods Bar

We're always on the lookout for munchables to switch it up on the trail. New to our pockets is the Perfect Foods Bar from a bunch of suspiciously fit looking San Diegans. We suspect genetic engineering. The old man evidently was a partner of Jack LaLanne's back in the day, and the kids were the subjects of years of recipe testing.

Things have obviously worked out, and the Perfect Foods Bar is a great addition to your backcountry grab-bag. The bars come in five flavors: peanut butter, almond butter, carob chip, fruit and nut, and cranberry crunch lite. All have a similar major league nutty taste, like fresh whipped peanut butter with the various flavorings as an added sensation. All are very good, sure to send nut lovers into seventh heaven.

The bars are mostly organic, made from an impressive mix of whole foods and rich in all the good things, like protein and dietary fiber, and low in the bad stuff, especially salt. The only downside is that the bars crumble easily, probably because they don't have all those nasty preservatives, but this is easily remedied by keeping them refrigerated or even frozen before a hike, and of course packing them carefully. Good stuff, and good for you.

$19.50 for a box of 8 at Perfect Foods



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