Pelican i1015 iPhone case

GearFlogger reviews the Pelican i1015 iPhone casePelican is all about bombproof cases. Let's put it this way: when the only things left after the apocalypse are Keith Richards and cockroaches, Keith will be playing whack-a-roach with his i1015 iPhone case. Assuming he isn't too medicated to get off the couch, that is. But really with Keith don't you always have to make that assumption?

The i1015 is not a svelte case. It's more like something the Incredible Hulk would carry ("Hulk angry! Hulk call therapist! Hear Hulk now?"). The case is basically crushproof and dustproof, and they call it "water resistant." We didn't do an immersion test, but it will certainly keep your phone safe from rain and splash contact.

The i1015 is available with both a solid color lid and a see-through lid; why anyone would want the solid color – which is what we got for testing – we don't know, but be sure which one you're ordering. The case has webbing slots top and bottom and a carabiner hole that will take small biners, not full size ones, at the top. Inside you can fit your iPhone and even leave it inside smaller cases, like a LifeProof case, and it will still close. The case is deep enought to have a little extra storage for headphones, rolled up money, or even a key. The included right-angle headphone cable allows you to use your full headphone controls, which is very handy, or you can just open the case to manipulate the phone.

Basically if you are taking your iPhone (or any similar sized phone) to South Trashcanistan and want the peace of mind of a truly crushproof, dustproof and water resistant case, Pelican has got you covered. The only downside is that it costs one dollar short of free shipping on Amazon, but you can solve that, right?

$24.00 at Amazon


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