Pedro’s Tire Levers

GearFlogger reviews Pedro's Tire Levers

This Pedro guy makes good stuff for bikers. Pedro's Tire Levers are an excellent example of how to make a common product stand out by attention to details. And we're not just saying that because they're available in pink…

Details include making these tire levers, sold as a pair, larger than normal. This makes them easier to grip and harder to break, both useful for high pressure road bike tires, beefy mountain bike tires and battleship downhill bike tires.

The levers also snap together so they stay paired in your saddlebag, they clip easily to spokes, and the high visibility colors make them easy to spot in a larger bag or when you inevitably drop them on the ground. Highly recommended.

$5.00 at REI



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3 responses to “Pedro’s Tire Levers”

  1. These are the best tire levers I agree. I have them in my saddle pack for both road and mountain bikes. I got one set for my MTB and liked them so much I got another set for the road bike to replace the wimpy Park levers I was using.

  2. I said it back in 2011 and again in 2012, best dang tire lever on the market. Really the only tire lever to consider.

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