Peak Design CapturePRO Camera Clip

Gearflogger reviews the Peak Design CapturePRO Camera Clip

When it's time to jock up, you need to be able to affix gear to your body in such a way that you can get to it quickly, but without compromising security. Nobody wants to see their thousand-dollar camera falling toward its demise. Peak Design builds a lot of stuff to carry your camera, all built to a high standard that ensures peace of mind in the middle of the action.

The CapturePRO camera clip is a devious little piece of metal that clamps onto a belt, shoulder strap or anything of the sort. By affixing one of PD's plates (for binos, Gopros, cameras and lenses) to your gear of choice you can quickly store and release gear on your person or pack. It's a really slick system, especially the lens holder. With two clips you can swap lenses while the camera is still in the clip, making the whole juggling act a little easier.

PD also makes a non-PRO version that has some plastic in place of some of the metal parts, but saves you a few bucks. We'll try to review that one soon to see if it stands up to an adequate level of abuse. The only downside is the cost of multiple clips and plates, but if you've already invested in the camera gear you need to spend a little more to protect it. And you can feel good about supporting Peak Design and other vendors that are working to protect the places we love to go.

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