Patagonia Baggies Swim Shorts

Gearflogger reviews the Patagonia Baggies swim shorts

Spring has sprung, at least in some places, and where there is a sprung spring there is swimming. In years past we have found that Patagonia swimwear is top notch, and this season is no exception.

We own a number of Patagonia swim suits, and a new addition to our quiver is (are?) Patagonia Baggies swim shorts. These are a more traditional looking short(s?), made of UPF 50+ Supplex nylon with a nice short inseam perfect for high-output water sports, or just a higher tan line.

The material manages to be fast drying and tough as nails yet still maintains a soft hand, and if there is anything you want next to your skin in that region it's a soft hand. No seriously, that's a technical term, like saying "This wine is very approachable!" Or something like that. Hell, I don't know, I'm just trying to fill space.

Aside from premium materials and quality construction, Patagonia really dials in features, and the hand pockets are a perfect example. The pockets go all the way down and feature a mesh drain area at the bottom, and the opening is vertical to reduce drag while swimming. There is a full mesh liner so you don't have to worry about freeing Willy at an inopportune moment, an elastic waist that features a flat drawstring, and a single rear snap pocket. It's all there, we checked. It's hard to beat a Patagonia swimsuit.

$49.00 at REI




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