Panther Vision Power Cap Solar

Gearflogger reviews the Panther Vision Power Cap SolarThere are always those products out there that try to combine two or more things that seem like they could go together, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Call it the multitool dilemma. It pays to be skeptical.

Panther Vision puts their Power Cap into the arena, and we came away thinking: "Hey, this actually works!" We tried the solar version, which has a solar cell on the top center of the brim. It's noticeable but not particularly distracting, and you can always get the non-solar version if you want to be more discreet.

The switch is on the under side of the brim, easily findable from the stitching over the hidden button. One press for area light, another for the spot, and a third for both. Four is off, and there is even an auto-off function after 15 minutes from last click. There are two LED bulbs for each lighting mode, four total with two on each side. The lighting is sufficient for walking and reading but probably not running or biking. We never ran it out, but the specs for run time are between 10-20 hours depending on mode. The beauty is it's constantly recharging as long as there is light.

The Power Cap is nicely designed for integrating the lighting system. It could use a bit more tailoring, as the material in the temple area was a bit baggy on our model. The colors are nice, and we have to admit it is awfully convenient to have lighting always at hand (or head). And no big surprise, kids will love it. If you're a hands-free kind of guy or gal who wears baseball-style caps and likes a light handy, definitely check out the Power Caps.

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