PacSafe TrekSafe 100 backpack

Treksafe100 On the one hand, I believe that people think international travel is a lot more dangerous than it actually is. On the other hand, I'm all for an ounce of prevention when the alternative is losing something important when you're a long way from home.

Enter the PacSafe TrekSafe 100 backpack, a tough little number with multiple security features: built-in slashproof wire mesh panels and straps a la their original PacSafe technology, tamperproof zippers and my personal favorite, asnatchproof carabiner-style clip on the right-side shoulder strap. Being able to clip the pack to a chair or other object while you're eating at a sidewalk cafe really does add to your peace of mind.

The TrekSafe is fairly capacious for a daypack. The roomy main compartment has a nice rectangular cross-section that will take a couple packing cubes and a rolled up jacket. The underside of the top lid will store a small toiletry bag and there are two padded veclroed camera/MP3 player sized pouches (and a headphone port) inside a larger zippered compartment inside. A shovel style pocket on the back will take slimmer items like books, magazines or a folded jacket, and each side has a half-mesh pocket on top of a tall, narrow zippered pocket that could hold a travel umbrella, rolled up clothing, etc. The fit is comfy with adjustable shoulder straps and padded shoulder/waist areas. Bottom line: a fully functional and well-thought out travel pack with added anti-theft features at a reasonable price. What's not to like?

$84.95 at eBags



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