Outdoor Research Alibi gloves

AlibiThe Outdoor Research Alibi glove is a true multi-sport product: ice climbing, S&M, B&D, or anytime you need sticky rubber wrapped around the shaft of your tool. (Really, sometimes these reviews just write themselves…)

More than just fetish handwear for watching the latest Japanese tentacle-porn, the Alibi glove actually enhances climbing performance. Designed to be used with leashless tools, the tight fit and sticky, sticky, I’ve been a bad boy smack-my-bum palms allow precise tool placement and unsurpassed tactile feedback.

The velcro cuff is extra-stiff for good wrist support without being restrictive, and the oversized pull-loop is actually useful instead of decorative. There are even gel inserts in the strike zones on the sides of the palms for the inevitable mash-up. Too thin for cold weather use, these are race gloves, and they perform as advertised.

$59.00 at REI




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