Outdoor Research Sensor Command deck bag

Gearflogger reviews the Outdoor Research Sensor Command deck bagTrue story, I remember once I was working for a university marine science program, and they put out an ad for a deck winch but they misspelled winch as wench. Never did see the applicants, but it had to be an interesting lot. Outdoor Research spells it right with their new Sensor Command deck bag.

The Sensor Command is touch screen friendly, with a flip up hard cover over a waterproof compartment that will hold an iPad or similar sized tablet. The design is very well thought out: the cover is secured with two snaps and flips under the compartment while paddling, and when you're done just remove the whole case and use it around camp. There's even a headphone port and cord if you want audibles.

The bag itself is a wedge design that orients the screen towards your eyes for optimal viewing pleasure. Inside there is an interior see-through zip-lock-style dry sleeve on the next-to-deck side, a velcro-secured mesh sleeve on the top side, and a lot of space in between. The tuck-in closure has a paddling-glove friendly pull tab. The Sensor Command deck bag has four corner hooks that can be tightened easily from either side, and should fit any deck layout without any problems. If you're looking to feel all James Bond in command of your vessel, grab your iPad and an Outdoor Research Sensor Command deck bag and hit the water.

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