Outdoor Research Alpine Onset Ubertube Top

Gearflogger reviews the Outdoor Research Alpine Onset Ubertube topEverybody say it with me now! What do we like? Merino wool baselayers! How do we like them? In cool colors with funky features! Yes, you've got it, and so does Outdoor Research with their funky and cool Ubertube top.

The Ubertube comes in some classy monotones as well, but that blue camo, you know what we're talking about. The women's version even comes in a white/gray snow camo pattern. OR's Alpine Onset 47% merino wool, 47% recycled polyester, 6% elastane jersey base layers have always been a favorite, but the Ubertube is literally in a class by itself thanks to a unique feature: a high turtleneck with a mesh panel.

You can pull it up to your ears and over your nose, and even during high output activities the panel doesn't restrict your breathing. It's perfect for cold weather aerobic pursuits like cross-country skiing. Note it's not a superfine mesh so it will not replace a mask for Covid-safe practices, but it does offer some wind protection without restricting breathing so it's a perfect summit piece. It also protects without excessive fogging of eyewear, a major plus in our book.

The Ubertube is a lightweight next-to-skin layer with flat seams that is great for the on-again, off-again nature of working hard in backcountry snowfields. The long sleeves with thumb holes slide right under your handwear without riding up, and even without gloves the sleeves cover the backs of your hands to the knuckles for that little extra protection. Highly recommended.

$99.00 at Outdoor Research


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