Outdoor Research Alibi women’s jacket

GearFlogger reviews the Outdoor Research Alibi women's jacket OK, so here's the deal: occasionally somebody tries to do something different with a new jacket design. It almost invariably fails miserably, and it is universally and deservedly mocked. But once in a great while, that somebody actually succeeds in building a better mousetrap. Today, that better mousetrap is the Outdoor Research Alibi jacket.

We got ahold of the women's version, and here's the skinny: it's a hybrid shell with waterproof hood, shoulders and outside sleeves. There are four pockets with water-resistant zippers: one high outside left chest, one high inside right chest with cord port, and two lower outer hand warmer pockets. Shock cord adjustments include hood opening, back of the hood and left and right hem, plus rip and stick cuffs on the sleeves. All this stuff works great. Next: three very cool innovations.

First, not only is the hood helmet compatible, but there is a balaclava style inner hood that stows in its own pocket where you don't even notice it for weeks (oops). It fits under your helmet for wicking and warmth while the normal hood goes over. Beautiful. Second, the cuffs have little flip-out inner cuffs with thumb holes that keep your sleeves inside your gloves. Gorgeous. Finally – and here's where the Alibi gets freaky – there are side zips that go from the armpit all the way down to the hem, fully opening the sides of the jacket. Worried about flapping? Not to fear, each side has a snap to keep the hemline intact.

It's beautiful man. This is serious venting, plus – wait for it - when the SheFlogger is seven weeks months pregnant she has no problem with sizing or venting. She loves it! I'm a hero! Really, the Alibi would be a top-line shell anyway, but with the trick features that actually work well it's ground breaking. Save this item until you are deep, deep in the doghouse, and use it to worm your way back into her good graces. Note that it fits just a tad large, although it doesn't look it because it's contoured. Awesome piece of gear, and on sale now at Altrec!

$158.99 (on sale from $249.95) at Altrec


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