Ortovox M2 Avalanche Beacon

Ortovox_m2Available in GearFlogger Orange – look it up, it's in the Crayola box – the Ortovox M2 is a hybrid digital/analog unit with an impressive 80 meter search range.

Yes it takes a bit more practice to use than some of the so-called idiot-proof units out there, but if you need to carry a beacon than you need to practice with it. Period. Exclamation point. Solipsis. OK, I don't think that last one is actually a punctuation.

The M2 is very well-designed, with a curve in it to fit against your body and a belt system that disengages the transmit function when you unclip it from one end (it's still leashed at the other) to start a search. Great for multiple burials because you can clearly hear the different transmitters.

$269.96 (on sale from $299.95) at Backcountry.com


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