Omega Pacific Dash Alpine quickdraw

GearFlogger reviews the Omega Pacific Dash Alpine quickdraw Dash! Ah-ahhhh! Savior of… Whoa, wait a minute: wrong jingle. I guess that was a Flash Gordon flashback. But that would be a cool name for a product, the Dash Gordon. Strange that we're not employed in marketing. Think I'll have another brownie.

Omega Pacific makes a lot of quickdraws. How many? All of them, apparently. For alpine madness you generally want a high-tensile textile like Dyneema for its light weight and resistance to icing, plus a couple of wire gate carabiners for the same reason. Viola: the Alpine Dash quickdraw.

Weighing in at a respectable three and a half ounces per, the Alpine Dash mates two Dash wire gate carabiners with a 4" dogbone. The action is a little stiff but nothing that should bother you big burly mountain men. The gate opening is a giant maw, just short of a full inch of clearance. Clipping feels smooth, thanks to the slightly offset wire pair. The Dash is built for alpine-style abuse and won't let you down.

$20.75 at Amazon


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