Niterider Pro 2800 Enduro Remote MTB Light

Gearflogger reviews the Niterider Pro 2800 Enduro Remote MTB light

Shoulder season is transitioning into downright Winter, and where does that leave the humble mountain biker? Saddling up a fat bike with studded tires is where. But before the batbike can venture forth, there is one more thing necessary: a big honkin' light. No worries, Niterider – makers of all things bikey-shiny – have you covered. They're like the Chuck Norris of bike lights: the dark is afraid of them, and rightly so.

The Pro 2800 Enduro Remote is a 2,800 lumen handlebar mounted monster that will provide ample warning of trail hazards to even the fastest hoon-jockey out there. You know it's serious equipment when you pull it out of the included storage bag. There's the light itself, sexy enough with two giant owl-eye LEDs and a thumb-switch, the handlebar (and helmet!) mount, the plug-in power adapter, and then there is the li-Ion battery pack, a giant strap-on tube and yes we know how that sounds.

Plug in the battery pack the night before to charge it up, which will take about five hours. Install the light itself and the remote switch on your handlebars. Marvel at the water- and impact-resistant construction. Revel in the oddly satisfactory clicking noise as you cycle through the six available lighting modes, from 125L (56 hours) to the full enchilada of 2,800L (1.5 hours). 

Once you're up and running, you will love the godlike powers of observation you gain in the dark. Whether it's at minimal illumination as you spin uphill, or max throw for bombing the downhill, you can't outrun the light. You'll find yourself loving the convenience of the handlebar mounted switch for quickly optimizing your cone of visibility to your immediate needs. Sometimes you'll cycle through the modes just for fun, just because you can without moving your hands.

Clearly we love the Enduro Remote, and we make no apologies. The Pro 2800 is perfectly sized for just about all needs, but if you really want more you can step up to its big brother, the 3600. Either one can serve double-duty on motorized rides, and they can be mounted on a helmet if you don't mind the extra weight and really need to see where you look. Niterider has proven its products to be high performance and high quality, and that brings us to the only downside: you'll lay out a fair wad of cash for these top-of-the-line lights. We feel its worth it, especially if you're a bike commuter; it's a small price to pay for safety, and just think of the money you're saving on gas and insurance.

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