Nite Ize Clip-On Marker

MarkerIf you’re the kind of person who finds Michael Reardon’s free solo ascent of Romantic Warrior (5.13, Needles) inspiring rather than just plain insane, you’ll have no use for the bevy of safety-light products produced by Nite Ize.

But just maybe you’re a safety weenie like me that uses such esoteric equipment as "ropes" and even occasionally "helmets." If so you’ll find a use for one or more Nite Ize lit-up products, everything from wands and vests to dog collars (oh, baby, turn off the light!) and my personal favorite, the Clip-On Marker, great for running, biking and other nightly pastimes.

Flexible and ten inches long, much like Steven Tyler’s… record, it can be clipped directly on an object or to itself, making a loop big enough to fit around most wrists. It has two light modes, solid and flashing, that light up the entire colored area and are visible up to a mile. The replaceable coin-cell lithium battery runs for 150 hours, and even when it’s not on the marker is reflective. Comes in red, green and a multicolor white/red/green.

$12.95 at REI



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