New Balance NBx Cocona low cut sock

GearFlogger reviews the New Balance NBx Cocona low cut sockThere's nothing quite like a sock that fits just right. Except! A sock that fits just right after a dozen washings and continuous abusive wear, use as a soup strainer and a tour of duty as a contraceptive on a sheep farm. OK, maybe not that last part…

New Balance, purveyor of all things to enable the running sickness, has some great new socks out: the NBx Cocona low cut. A veritable bouillabaisse of materials, the NBx is made of 38% Cocona polyester, 22% polyester, 22% Olefin, 12% Nylon and 6% Spandex. What this means to you is a sock that fits like a glove, has just the right amount of stretch, and doesn't retain foot skank at all.

The activated carbon – from coconut shells, natch – takes care of moisture management and odor control. Our big concern with exotic materials is always durability, but Cocona is a proven commodity and despite our best efforts the NBx just doesn't look any worse for the wear. Flat seams, light cushioning and an anatomical fit – that's left and right specific for you mountain biking apes – make these our go-to socks for just about everything. Except working on the farm.

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