Mystery Ranch Big Bop Shoulder Bag

Gearflogger reviews the Mystery Ranch Big Bop Shoulder BagThese days you can find a bag for anything. We know this because we saw a bag recently with large printing on the front: "Might be makeup, might be sex toys." That pretty much covers it. But what if you want to take your makeup and personal massage device(s) into harm's way? Well, then you need a Big Bop. The bag, not the personal massage device.

Lucky for you, if you have stuff that needs to be carried Mystery Ranch knows how to craft nylon into something useful that will carry it. In this case the Big Bop shoulder bag. We generally like to carry a useful assortment of everday carry gear with us when we leave the house, and if we're wearing shorts and a t-shirt that gear needs a bag. The Big Bop is perfectly sized to fit a minimalist trauma kit, phone, keys, wallet, flashlight, multitool, or any combination of the above.

The Big Bop has an outside bellowed flap pocket with rip-and-stick closure that's big enough to hold large phones in large cases – we're looking at you, Otter Box Defender! Inside there is a single divider against the front, useful for separating chest seals from tourniquets and the like. The strap on the Big Bop is nicely done, with 360-degree swivels and a quick-adjust feature that reminded us of some nice rifle slings we've used. Quickly resizing the strap was useful on a hike with our ten-year-old who decided he wanted to carry the Big Bop because "it looks cool." Hey, he's not wrong, it's a good-looking bag!

The Big Bop has one other trick on the back, where there is some MOLLE webbing for attaching it to all things MOLLE. It's more for a casual attachment as the stiff nylon tabs will separate under strong pulling, but it's not going to fall off accidentally if you arrange it correctly. If you absolutely must have a solid MOLLE attachment, get some MOLLE sticks like the Blackhawk Speed Sticks and you're good to go. All in all we find ourselves grabbing the Big Bop for a lot of different missions, and it's the versatility that makes the difference. Open a Big Bop and who knows what you'll find; might be makeup…

$50.00 at Mystery Ranch




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