myCharge PowerFold 8000 Solar Charger

Gearflogger reviews the myCharge PowerFold 8000 solar chargerPower good. Solar power better. Especially for small applications like backcountry or other expedient/emergency recharging of phones, tablets, e-readers, watches, cameras and other small devices. Until recently we had to choose between a portable solar panel, a portable battery pack, or lug along both. myCharge makes our lives a little simpler with the PowerFold 8000mAh solar charger and power bank.

The PowerFold is about a quarter-inch wider and longer than an iPhone X and a little more than twice as thick, about an inch, and can charge devices through two USB ports at the same time. This compact package unfolds to reveal three solar panels that will charge the 8000mAh power bank enough for one phone charge in about four hours, a number that proved out in bright sunlight for our test unit. Fully charged either through the solar panels or micro USB port the PowerFold will deliver three charges for phones and about one for a tablet, again numbers that proved out for us.

As much as we appreciate the versatility and portability of the PowerFold, we really like its simplicity. The display on the top shows a sun icon when solar charging, and four bars of varying heights show the power status. One button on the side when held down activates a very usable flashlight on the back, with additional presses activating fast and slow flash modes.

So, to recap: portable, flexible, solar, flashlight. Got it? Go get it, and when it saves your butt in the field remember Gearflogger recommended it.

$59.99 at Amazon


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