myCharge Camping Lantern

Gearflogger reviews the myCharge Camping LanternIt's hard to beat myCharge portable power banks, especially when they make them even more useful by adding lighting. The Camping Lantern by myCharge flips that on its head, starting with the light and adding the power bank.

The myCharge Camping Lantern is smaller than 4 inches square and just under an inch thick, with a helpful folding stand. Four pinhole lights on the back tell you the battery status with the push of the side button, which also cycles through four brightness levels. A longer push on the button while the light is on switches between cool and warm lighting modes, a really nifty feature; the warm light is perfect for area lighting, while the cooler light works very well for reading or detail work like repairing gear. Holding the side button down when the light is not on will activate a strobe for emergency signaling or a flash rave dance mob.

The lantern is rated at 9 hours on the brightest mode and 41 hours on the dimmest mode, and is charged via the ubiquitous – and included! – micro USB cable. And lest we forget, the Camping Lantern is also a 10,000mAh power bank with two USB charging ports, which can be used at the same time. About the only way this could be more useful is if it had a solar panel on the back – oh wait, myCharge already makes something like that. Hmm, maybe a fold-out hand crank to charge it? Doesn't matter, the myCharge Camping Lantern does exactly what it's supposed to, and works splendidly for multiday trips.

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