myCharge AdventureUltra Portable Charger

Gearflogger reviews the myCharge AdventureUltra portable chargerEverything needs a charge these days, and there are charging options available from the size of lipstick to a large briefcase. Toward the smaller end of the spectrum is the myCharge AdventureUltra portable charger, a compact 20,000mAh unit with a trick up its sleeve.

The myCharge is a solid little charger, 5x6x1.5 inches and about a pound in weight, with a nonslip rubberized coating. Charging ports are protected by pressure fitted covers and include 2xUSB and 1xUSB-C, and then there's the trick: a three-prong outlet that can handle up to 65 watts. That's enough for a lot of laptops, LCD TVs up to 32 inches and whatever you have at that power level that you might need to plug into an outlet. Medical devices come to mind, and if you're a field research scientist you might have any number of devices that need a three-prong outlet to charge. Obviously comfort items likes fans, razors and what have you would be easy enough.

The myCharge has other benefits to recommend it: pass through charging means it can charge other devices while it is being charged itself using the included wall plug, and it charges devices pretty fast. If you're charging phones, you'll get quite a few top-offs out of the AdventureUltra. Of interest to prepper types, the myCharge should maintain a full charge for at least three months.

The LCD display is simple and useful, with a power button for the USB ports and a second button for the three-prong. The display has eight power bars to indicate the charge remaining, and a clear "max charge exceeded" message will display at the bottom if, you know, you exceed the max charging ability. Overall we found the myCharge AdventureUltra to fill an interesting niche in portable chargers with both a small form factor and a three-prong outlet, and with a nice build quality there will be plenty of folks who can solve their charging problem with it.

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