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Gearflogger reviews Muck bootsTwo decades after entering the market, Muck boots are already an American classic. Mucking is the process of removing manure from horse stalls. Having mucked about in our younger years in exchange for riding time at a local stable, we're familiar with the demands of the job, and if we could go back in time we'd bring some Muck brand mucking boots for our younger selves.

Today Muck offers a complete line of boots, and we're big fans of their winter styles. The men's Arctic Ice tall is a fantastic winter work boot. Tall enough to posthole through sixteen inches of snow and warm enough for sub-freezing temperatures, the Arctic Ice slips on and off easily for quick and dirty jobs. It's Vibram Icetrek sole provides good traction on ice, and the combination of rubber, neoprene, foam and felt construction delivers absolute waterproof performance plus comfort and warmth.

The women's Arctic Apres lace mid boot has all the same advantages in a shorter package with looks good enough for about-town use as well. The Apres mid has a stylish fleece cuff and leather upper, and has become the Sheflogger's go-to boot for going outside. Shoveling snow, walking the Littleflogger or heading to the lake for ice skating, the Apres lace mid does it all.

Arctic Ice Tall $190 at Muck
Arctic Apres Lace Mid $160 at Muck




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