MSR Fuel Bottle

MsrbottleDoes anyone else besides MSR even make fuel bottles? Can they be made out of titanium or is there some good reason no one makes such a thing? I must ponder.

My strategy on fuel bottles is to take a few big ones, rather than many smaller ones, to lighten the load. E.g. a 33oz capacity bottle weighs 7.3oz while an 11oz weighs 2.8oz; ergo, hencewith, carry the 2 and viola! Three smaller bottles would weigh 8.4oz, a full 1.1oz more than the single bottle solution.

Important note: the 33oz has a fill line at the 30oz mark; the 22oz at the 20oz mark; and the 11oz at… the 11oz mark (WTF?). Remember this when planning a bottle schedule for your next expedition.

$15.00 at REI


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