MSR Trillium stove base

Trillium_daThe trouble with Trilliums is that they reproduce so quickly they overrun… no, wait, those are Tribbles. My bad. The Trillium is MSR’s universal (works with all non-canister models) stove base. Never used a stove base? You’ve never cooked in the snow.

There are only two things that really matter in a stove base, and the Trillium excels in both: it weights only 2.8oz, and it folds up small enough to fit in a 2L pot. The Trillium works as advertised, providing a stable base and even a bit of heat reflection.

Truly minor quibble: it doesn’t fit quite flat in the bottom of my MSR Titan, but it fits on edge alongside the XGK EX stove. Were it to fit flat it would protect the bottom of the pan from the feet of the stove, and that would be nice. It’s still the best of the breed out there.

$25.00 at REI


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