Mountainsmith Ivy pack

Ivy_2The SheFlogger is pleased, and for good reason. She caught me ogling her Mountainsmith Ivy pack, and the irony that men now have to covet women’s gear did not escape her.

She has plenty to crow about. The Ivy is a 2lb 10oz alpine screamer "designed for the woman carrying skis, climbing gear and backcountry tools." Let’s just read that again: now that is my kind of woman. The Ivy manages to maximize both form and function; despite its good looks there is nothing on this pack that doesn’t do something for you.

Where this pack really excels is going vertical. The 1,770ci capacity can be extended using the sleeve to almost 2,000ci, ensuring plenty of room for long gear-intensive day trips and ultralight overnights. You can carry skis in vertical, A-frame or diagonal mode, and a snowboard vertically.

Hydration compatible with gear loops on the back, front and inside the detachable lid that doubles as a fanny pack. The rear tool loops even tuck away. I don’t know why that’s cool, it just is. The overall geometry of the pack is compact to facilitate arm-swing, so whether you’re climbing up or skiing down you won’t have to worry about the Ivy cramping your style. It just figures I finally find the technical alpine day-pack I’ve been looking for and my pesky Y chromosome gets in the way.

$99.00 at Summit Hut


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