Mountainsmith Basecamp Travel System

BasecampMore stuff to hold your stuff! How can you go wrong with that? Hell, even Martha Stewart used Mountainsmith gear to carry all her crap to prison. If it will hold her face paint you can be sure it'll handle a few racks of climbing gear. But hey, she was entrapped.

Anyway, Mountainsmith knows how to build burly stuff and the Basecamp Travel System is no exception. It's similar to the Modular Hauler System in that it's a duffel with size-appropriate packing cubes, but it's different in that the cubes are not all the same size. Much like, say, gear in real life. The BTS has four color-coded cubes: two small 1/4 cubes, one medium long narrow cube (same size as the two small ones combined end-to-end) and one large flat cube (same size as two medium cubes side-by-side).

Sure, you could use a duffel, but if you crave organizational features the BTS will turn your crank: compression straps, haul handles (on both cubes and duffel) and tie-down points, flat front pockets and one of my favorite innovations for storage gear, a high visibility yellow interior. Think of it as a backpack for your car.

$128.95 at Backcountry


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