Mountain House Wraps

GearFlogger reviews Mountain House Wraps

Mountain House has always had the best freeze-dried food out there in our not-so-humble opinion. Now they have Wraps, new roll-your-own meals designed to be slapped into a tortilla and chowed down.

We're talking Breakfast Skillet, Barbecue Sauce with Beef, Buffalo Style Chicken and Mexican Style Beef. Just bring your own tortillas, a little oil to fry it in, a little Tabasco sauce (hey, when you need to convert food to farts, don't bring a knife to a gun fight…), OK, maybe some cheese, and you're good to go. Be warned: this is a lot of food and will probably feed two of you.

The Breakfast Skillet even includes hash browns, so you don't necessarily need the tortilla if you're in a hurry or just traveling light. Either way the Skillet serves up 680 whopping calories including 26 grams of protein. Like we said, enough for two, or maybe it's all for you when you're facing double hauls on a big mountain day.

$7.95 at REI


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