Mountain Hardwear Nitrous jacket

NitrousLet's say, just for the sake of argument, that you are a man and you are in the doghouse. I mean you really screwed the pooch this time, bro. Figuratively speaking, I hope. So what are you going to do? Here comes the SheFlogger, think fast!

I'll give you two choices: (a) engagement ring or (b) Mountain Hardwear Nitrous jacket. If you're married, no choice (a) for you, but take comfort: the Nitrous will assist you in undoing your head-ass inversion. It's eco-sensitive, made with recycled polyester blend, and beautifully minimalist: just two flapped hand pockets, a full-length zipper flap with chamois chin guard, elastic cuffs and a hem drawcord.

The cut is flattering with a curvy waist and nice, tall neck. The weight is nonexistent at 8oz for a small. The 800 fill down compacts down to nothing in the included stuff sack, and the downproof DWR nylon shell keeps the feathers on the inside. The women's Nitrous is overly quilted on the top front leaving lots of uninsulated seams, but guess what? She Doesn't Care! And you're Golden! The Nitrous is also available for men, sans paisley quilting, but since women are never in the doghouse that's not important right now.

$220.00 at REI


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