MontBell Mountain Trainer jacket

Mtntrainer_1Looking to complete your Schoeller ensemble? Your search is complete: the MontBell Mountain Trainer jacket features the latest in gear-porn: Schoeller Dynamic fabric complete with little furry mountain elves invisible to the human eye but industrious enough to wick away all moisture on contact.

I went for a high-angle fast hike wearing this jacket next-to-skin, and despite a 30lb load and a warm day this jacket easily vented heat while repelling wind at the summit. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: soft shells rule.

This piece is minimalist. No hood, but two low zipper pockets for your hands and one on the chest for your crack pipe condensed King James bible. Plus, my new favorite feature on tops: arms cut long with stretchy snot-absorbing cuffs with thumb-holes. Aptly named, the Mountain Trainer will find friends among the no-hood, no waist-belt on their packs crowd engaged in consensual high-output activity in adverse weather.

$179.00 at MontBell


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