Monster Towel

Gearflogger reviews the Monster TowelSome things are just so simple you wonder why you haven't seen it before. Exhibit A is the Monster Towel, or as it's known at Gearflogger HQ, the Dino-Towel, the Towelasaurus and the One Towel to Rule Them All.

The Monster Towel is a 10'x10' microfiber towel that comes with its own webbing carry strap. While others struggle on the beach to lay out two or three or four towels for their family, you just huck this thing out and BAM family is taking the sun. A small zipper pocket for card keys and the like and corner sand pockets for windy days round out the features, but hey it's basically a thin blanket so the spec sheet should be just as thin.

100 square feet is bigger than some rent control apartments in Brooklyn. There are frat houses in Tokyo with less square footage! [Ed. Note: we absolutely could not verify this. It's probably BS.] The price is even a bargain when you consider that it replaces eight 30×60 beach towels at $15 each. Plus, you've finally got that single giant towel for drying off a whole birthday party full of kids! Pretty cool, check it out.

$89.95 at Amazon



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