Melon Urban Active Bike Helmet

Gearflogger reviews the Melon Urban Active bike helmetBrain bucket, noodle, noggin, or crown, whatever you call it you want to protect your brain housing group, and you do that with a skid lid, brain sponge, or if you're wearing camo for a living, dome of obedience.

The aptly-named Melon Helmets makes some great helmets, and our Littleflogger has been rocking the Urban Active bike/skate model in a very handsome camouflage blue. If camo ain't your thang, never fear, Melon has a wide selection of cool colors and patterns to choose from.

FYI this is not a MIPS helmet, which if you're not familiar with the technology you can learn everything you possibly need to know from our friends at Cycling News, who btw pointed us to the very cool website Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings. The tl;dr is that the most protection comes just from wearing a high quality, CCEN/CPSC certified helmet. If it has the MIPS liner to reduce rotational impact forces, great, but you don't need to rush out and replace your perfectly good non-MIPS helmet if it's a good make/model. The Melon has plenty of safety and style awards, so you're good to go with Melon for sure.

The Urban Active is more than just good looks. It has a couple of great features that will be appreciated by adults and kids alike, the Spin Dial for dialing in the fit and the Fidlock magnetic buckle. Airflow is great with a dozen 1cm holes  arranged in pairs on the centerline front to back, and they even throw in a spare set of 8mm Coolmax liners in addition to the 5mm set that come already mounted on the helmet.

The Urban Active is a comfortable and lightweight helmet, and with the easy adjustments it's as close to grab-and-go as helmets get, so no more excuses from adults or kids. Not that you'll want to leave it behind, because as I believe we did already mention, it's so good lookin'.

$119.99 at Melon Helmets


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