Marmot PreCip baseball cap

GearFlogger reviews the Marmot PreCip women's baseball cap Sometimes it's the little things, like keeping your brain housing group dry in the rain. Sometimes you don't want to put up your hood. Sometimes you don't even have a hood. For these situations you need a rain hat, but not something dorky. Marmot's PreCip baseball cap is waterproof and stylish for when you just need the rain out of your face and off your noggin.

PreCip is Marmot's proprietary waterproof, breathable fabric and it works as advertised, keeping everything it covers nice and dry. There are multiple seams to give it a fitted shape, but not to worry: they're all taped. A mesh liner means no next-to-skin clamminess, and the microfleece headband gives your crown a little love.

The brim is perfect, with a stiff insert that maintains the optimal curve so you don't have to constantly bend it back into shape. A velcro tab on the back adjusts to fit most heads. On a recent trek I wore my nylon runner's cap and the SheFlogger was sporting the PreCip. We got dumped on for the last three hours and at the end her head was dry and she just shook the water off her cap. My cap was soaked through and as a result so was my head. PreCip = warm and dry brain = good thing.

$25.00 at REI


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