Marmot Pipeline Relaxed-Fit Jeans

Gearflogger reviews the Marmot Pipeline jeans

Let's face it, blue jeans are the de facto uniform of the Western World. That doesn't mean they're perfect – or at least they weren't until Marmot, masters of all things pants, decided to add a little boing-boing into the blue jean.

Marmot's Pipeline jeans have a little Coolmax woven into the mostly cotton construction, a 74/26 percent split to be exactly exact. The result is absolutely the best jeans ever. They give in the waistline to accomodate holiday-induced expansion, and they give in the seat and thighs to accomodate actual muscles. You skinnies can opt for the regular fit version, but you really ought to suck it up and hit the weights.

I've always been between a 30 and 32 length (if only there were a number for that…) but the 30 in the Pipeline was plenty long enough. There are the standard five pockets, and if there is one thing that could be improved on the Pipeline it would be the addition of a suspended cell phone inner pocket in place of the otherwise useless coin/pocketwatch/wtf small pocket.

The Pipeline is a tough pant too; I managed to gouge my upper leg while splitting logs (look ma, I'm a lumbersexual!) but even though I broke the skin the pants didn't have a blemish on them. Like I said, tough. So what's not to love? They're a little on the pricey side, less so if you're used to buying $100 jeans (shame on you, you metrosexual you!) but definitely if you're the Kirkland $9.99 jeans type. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Still, for the quality I consider it a fair price. I've been wearing a single pair almost daily for a month and they just rock. The Sheflogger finally gagged and lo and behold I now have a second pair. Score!

$85.00 at REI


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