Maloja DorliM Women’s Shirt

Gearflogger reviews the Maloja DorliM women's shirtThose in the know, know to look to Maloja for inspirational design that stands out from the crowd. The new DorliM shirt for women is not just about its good looks though; it uses a unique merino wool/polyester blend that has all the right moves for a performance piece.

The DorliM is a long-sleeve shirt with a generous hem, flattering sidecut and deep 3/4 length zipper. OK, maybe we'd call it a 2/3 length zipper, but the point is you can seriously vent this shirt well beyond what you can do with the more common 1/4 zip format. The zipper has a nice full-length flap behind it that prevents zipper bite. It also has a spring-tension to it so it lies flat and doesn't jingle all the way, if you know what we mean.

The Thermopile Merino traps heat next to your skin for a nice touch of warmth, but it breathes very well and is ideal for high-output pursuits like cross-country skiing, winter biking and shoulder season hiking. The polyester in the blend adds four-way stretch so the DorliM will move with you without binding you up.

The DorliM is cut snugly, but it's not a problem because the stretch compensates, and the close fit means easy layering of insulation and shell layers over the top. The stars print is uber-cool and complements the classy colors well, so be prepared to be asked "where did you get that?" a lot. For the men out there, note to self: the DorliM is a great gift for the active woman in your life.

$199.00 at Maloja



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